Fireside chat: Next steps in super-aggregation
Date & Time
Tuesday, March 12, 2024, 12:30 PM - 1:00 PM
Andreas Waltenspiel Frank Rippl Jonas Gustafsson

• What three improvements to the average Pay TV offer will help an operator increase its standing as a super-aggregator and differentiate itself from Pay TV or online-only rivals? • How can operators improve our journeys into ever-expanding studio D2C and BVOD services; Must operators passively wait for viewers to return, or can they add UX value or gain our attention meantime? • What does best practice in individually personalised TV viewing look like – what are the technologies, data smarts and concepts that will drive change in the next two years? • How do we make it faster and less costly for operators to carry the apps everyone wants, and project their super-aggregator UX onto more devices (possibly for different market segments)? • What needs to happen to the Pay TV UX to prepare for more streaming TV: how do we increase the speed at which apps launch, or provide fast up/down streamed channel zapping? • Where Pay TV is accessed via an app on a Smart TV but is not the default/home application on the device, how do we drive subscribers to the operator app, past distractions?

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