Panel: The future of streaming audiences
Date & Time
Tuesday, April 4, 2023, 10:15 AM - 11:00 AM
Lucy Formosa Morgan Craig Cooper Paul McIntyre James Bayes Bridget Murphy Diane Ho

What impact will advertising on Netflix (and later Disney+) have in Australia and what can the new ad-supported SVOD services offer media buyers that is unique? To what extent can lower-cost, ad-supported SVOD tiers (from all media owners) increase household reach, incremental reach and ‘Opportunity to See’ for advertisers? What does FAST bring to the party for media owners, for connected TV platforms seeking greater engagement, and for media buyers looking for attentive audiences with quality context? How do we make BVOD an even more compelling entertainment and advertising proposition – and is it time to encourage more broadcaster streaming at the expense of linear broadcast delivery? How can we better understand what each premium streaming ‘channel’ (BVOD, AVOD, FAST, SAVOD[1]) adds to a cross-platform campaign? What are the next steps in unifying (reunifying) audiences across broadcast linear TV and the full spectrum of premium ad-supported streaming services – making it easier to plan and buy?


Moderated by Paul McIntyre.