Full Name
Gavin Bridge
Job Title
Senior Media Analyst and Senior Vice President, Strategy and Development
Variety VIP+ and MARU
Speaker Bio
Gavin Bridge is the Senior Media Analyst for Variety's Variety Intelligence Platform service, where he covers the rapid changes to the TV environment, sports rights, the development of free streaming, NFTs and Web3, sports gambling, and strategic analysis of media companies. He has authored over 20 VIP+ special reports, including the "Life in the FAST Lane" series.

Bridge is considered to be an industry expert on FAST, speaking at conferences and private events across the United States as well as international events such as Prime Time Canada and MIPCOM. He frequently updates the industry on key topics within FAST such as the channel boom and the rise of single-series channels, and his reports are considered to be the standard for FAST coverage by those within the industry.
In addition to his role at VIP+, Bridge is also SVP of Strategy and Development at consumer insights firm Maru, where he authors thought leadership on topics like Virtual Concerts, Web3, Windowing Strategies for Success and FAST, and also consults with entertainment clients.
Gavin Bridge