Riding the Wave of New Digital Economy Mega-Trends

- An Exclusive Look at M&E Growth Strategies for the Next Decade  -

How do we ensure that service operators (pay-TV and D2C) continue to be brand-relevant to their subscribers and create value beyond just video that encompasses wider connected digital lifestyles?

What immediate ARPU-boosting service opportunities exist today? Which nascent markets are being created by digital lifestyles and the new digital economy – and which are expected to bear fruit in the second half of this decade?

This invitation-only session at Connected TV World Summit, operating under the Chatham House Rule, investigates:

  1. Customer retention during a cost-of-living crisis. We consider the latest thinking and innovations to help service providers maintain subscriber numbers across the services they already offer, including the role of enhanced data science and machine learning.
  2. The automated smart home as an incremental revenue opportunity. How service providers can play a central role in our digital lives by making the smart and automated home an enjoyable and holistic experience that is reliable and completely secure.
  3. Giving consumers control of their digital identity. An identity revolution could decentralise knowledge and control of consumer digital footprints – how can service providers support consumers (and the services they want value-exchanges with) as the balance of power shifts?
  4. Beyond video and into Web3. Web3 is a new chapter for the M&E industry with far-reaching implications for media consumption and monetisation – we consider what service providers could bring to the party. On the road to Web3, M&E companies can exploit the insatiable appetite for games via development, IP (gamification of content) or curation, and this session explores the ‘Beyond-video’ market opportunity.

Diversification will be key to the M&E industry growth this decade. Join your peers to investigate how we create new categories of consumer services and build new markets – riding on the wave of global digital economy mega-trends.

We have identified Four Pillars of TMT Growth. Do you agree with them, or have others? We want an interactive discussion, so please bring your own views to share!


New Growth Forum Checklist

We have identified Four Pillars of TMT Growth. This checklist will be applied to each one.

  • What are the discreet ‘products’ that service providers could offer direct-to-consumer or B2B?
  • What do we already know about consumers that helps us predict their reaction to these products and services?
  • What skillsets can TMT companies apply to make themselves a key player?
  • What are the partnerships and business models needed to embrace the opportunity?