Panel: Maximising the value of TV-OS, content and OEM partnerships
Date & Time
Wednesday, March 22, 2023, 12:30 PM - 1:05 PM
Colin Dixon Nick Ruczaj Fahad Durrani Mehmet Eroglu

• What changes in the TV-OS landscape will have the biggest impact on the CTV market in the next two years (e.g. global TV brands licensing their OS to third-parties, RDK-based Smart TVs, etc...)? • How do connected TV-OS providers differentiate themselves to consumers (UX, content, voice assistant…); How important is the TV-OS vs television hardware prowess? • Where are the win-wins when a television OEM works with a third-party TV-OS partner, and what are the potential OEM revenue streams, and how much TV-OS choice do OEMs need? • How do TV-OS providers maximise value for content owners and potential advertising partners (is it all about household reach, data opt-ins, content discovery, business analytics, audience measurement, ad targeting…)? • Can Pay TV operators use their own (private labelled) Smart TVs to expand their market reach, and how big could the Pay TV operator Smart TV market grow? • How do we ensure that every television set, in every room, at every price point, in every mature or emerging market, has an excellent connected TV content and UX offering?

Location Name
Moorgate Hub