Panel: What does the future of linear TV look like, as streaming becomes more important
Date & Time
Wednesday, March 22, 2023, 12:30 PM - 1:05 PM
Alexander Kann Lottie Towler Philipp Rotermund

• What is the purpose of FAST (e.g. driving special interest viewing, programme branded channels, extending the life of library content…); Is FAST the on-demand experience made linear, and if so, why do we need it?

• Some broadcasters are openly discussing life after broadcast, so what does that look like for linear TV, including where it is found and the UX?

• How can connected TV OS/UX/device providers increase their value to consumers and content owners for the delivery and presentation of linear streaming TV; What is the role of free-to-air broadcast platforms as digital consumption increases?

• What technology innovations can make linear TV a better experience when it is streamed rather than broadcast?

• What do national broadcasters and international channel groups add to the FAST market and why do they need FAST channels or services, given their strongly branded O&O streaming services?

• Are personalised virtual linear channels (stitched together from on-demand assets that are placed into a sequential schedule) a solid proposition for consumers, content owners and platform operators?


Location Name
Gracechurch Hub