Panel: Maximising the value of free connected TV
Date & Time
Tuesday, March 21, 2023, 11:55 AM - 12:45 PM
Hitesh Bhatt Hayley Cochrane Chris Edwards Joe Evea Jon Watts Paul Gubbins Katie Coteman

• More streaming usually means more on-demand viewing, and probably more audience fragmentation – so how do we deliver large total audiences and fast reach-build in CTV? • What incremental reach or frequency does connected TV deliver on top of linear broadcast, and how accurately can we demonstrate it, and how do we improve incrementality? • How do we make it easy to target audiences across multiple streaming services plus broadcast infrastructure – what are the keys to holistic audience planning and execution? • What impact is digital-first windowing (like drama appearing in BVOD months before broadcast) having on where audiences watch television (and therefore planning)? • Baseline expectations from broadcast TV, like the ability to book the first ad in a break, or target contextually, are being enabled in programmatic – what impact will this have? • How do we maximise the value of free connected TV for both media buyers and media owners?

Location Name
Gracechurch Hub