Full Name
Ajey Anand
Job Title
Norigin Media
Speaker Bio
Ajey Anand is the CEO & co-founder of Norigin Media, the Scandinavian TV Tech & OTT solutions company. He has served as Chief Executive Officer since 2015 and has worked with Broadcasters and Operators for nearly 2 decades. Through his time developing streaming services, he became passionate about TV Apps & UI/UX technologies and their implementation to create the highest quality OTT experiences - which we all know can be timely, costly, and resource intensive.
He has led a number of projects across Europe and the Americas and is responsible for NoriginĀ“s international expansions and customer acquisitions with Broadcasters and Pay-TV Operators such as Deutsche Telekom, France Telecom (Orange), Vevo Music, Nextel, Telefonica, MTV, Telenor, Eurosports, etc.
Ajey Anand