Each entry form requests a maximum 600-word count which is written around our four core values that each inductee will be judged upon. The entry must showcase their proven ability to embrace disruption, innovation, courage, and excellence.

There is no barrier to entry or discrimination based on age, time spent in the industry, or current job title. Nominations are open to anyone who exists outside of the C-Suite, with the exception of CEOs or Founders of start-ups who are under the age of 35 and the business is no more than three years old.

There is a maximum of five nominations per company.




The Future 100 Club is made-up of media professionals who are deemed to have the talent, drive and ability as a future media leader, regardless of their current job title or time spent in the industry. The only job title excluded is those at a c-suite level.

A panel of judges will review the entries and will score to each individual entry, with the top 100 highest scores making the final cut. Each entry will be scored based on the evidence of how they have displayed disruption, innovation, courage, and excellence.

Anyone can nominate, whether that comes from current managers or industry leaders, colleagues or peers, or even self-nominations. The person nominated does not have to report into you, nor do you need to be at the same company, as long as the evidence provided backs up the nomination.

Apart from the prestige of being listed as a future industry leader, F100 members will receive VIP ticket allocations for selected conferences, be invited to speak at our conferences, contribute to The Media Leader, and receive an invite to The Future 100 Club networking event.

Whether it is thinking outside of the box, challenging the status quo, or evolving a current idea to create something unique, how has this person displayed the ability to disrupt the way their team operates that resulted with a positive outcome?

Evidence of innovative thinking or working, whether that is displaying an ability to move away from  traditional thought patterns to help the company succeed to playing an influential role in the creation of a new product or concept.

Not only being bold and brave to achieve the desired outcome, but also having the courage to stand by their beliefs or viewpoints to get the job done. How did this person’s bravery offer strength to others and what impact did it have?

Give examples of how this person’s performance delivered media excellence, whether that was contributing to a client win, being part of an internal success stories, helping or mentoring others, or following an idea through that led to positive results.