Panel: Paving the path forward for audio measurement: What steps must we take?
Date & Time
Wednesday, March 1, 2023, 12:30 PM - 1:00 PM
Sam Austin Gemma Lee Omar Oakes

It’s no longer enough to sell broadcast radio as a cheap bolt-on. Buyers are looking for full audio campaign lifecycle management and measurement as a core part of their media plan. Can we move away from traditional forms of measurement in radio and towards a comprehensive verification standard in podcasts? Or will cross-media measurement be the solution of the future? How close are we to a reality where advertisers put audio front and centre time and time again on their media plans because there is a clear, measurable impact? - Are increasingly sophisticated options and formats and experimentation increasing effectiveness, or just making things more complicated for advertisers? - Will cross-media measurement be the silver bullet for increased audio investment? - How helpful would implementing alternative measurement currencies like attention and calculating carbon be for driving additional spend on audio on the media plan? - Are advertisers making the most of technology to track and measure audio ad performance – from landing page through to purchase – and brand lift insights into impact of creative?