The great debate: The number one thing that will ignite audio on the media plan
Date & Time
Wednesday, March 1, 2023, 2:55 PM - 3:40 PM
Omar Oakes Rak Patel Michelle Sarpong Ollie Chadwick jackie lyons

This 45-minute debate will bring together a panel of audio leaders and the audience to outline the three steps needed to boost audio’s presence on the media plan. You will hear the panellists unpack 10 key challenges the industry is facing today based on conversations that The Media Leader has had across its publication and events. But it’s not just about the panellists – event delegates will have the chance to voice their opinions, too, and help shape how our leading publication The Media Leader should report on the audio market in 2023. The panel will discuss topics including:

- What steps should we take to simplify and standardise audio buying – and should the audio industry collaborate to build a platform for brands that provides access to inventory across owners, as Ozone has done for premium news publishers?

- Will cross-media measurement be a silver bullet for increased audio investment? - Can programmatic become a trusted purchasing method in digital audio?

- How important is discoverability in the tech-driven streaming age – is audio becoming too conservative/nostalgic?

- Are environmental, social and governance impact considered a strength of audio on the media plan – and how likely is this to drive future investment?

- What impact will the cost-of-living crisis have on audio, and how can audio play a unique role in supporting both consumers and advertisers?

- How do we protect the bond between the broadcaster and the audience and maintain control of the future of radio distribution?

- Would encouraging a faster transition to DAB increase advertising sales options for broadcasters, and improve listener experience too?

- How can we encourage big advertisers to be consistent across Europe with how they make their media spend decisions?

- What examples of the industry coming round the table have shown most promise, and how can we encourage further collaboration?