How is the digital revolution enhancing confidence in audio planning?
Date & Time
Wednesday, March 1, 2023, 9:20 AM - 9:40 AM
Demi Abiola Ella Sagar Charlie Brookes Krissie Ford

The audio sector is going through a digital revolution. With advertisers focused more than ever on attributing spend to results, the market is maturing and creating new opportunities for advertisers to invest. In this session, we will hear from audio experts on how current and future innovation is changing the audio advertising ecosystem, with thoughts, tips, and advice on how to enhance audio advertising planning. - What has changed in radio over recent years, should it now be seen as a ‘digital’ product, and how will the digitalisation of the industry continue in the coming years? - What do agencies look for when planning media, and how can the digital audio ecosystem help fulfil their needs? - Is digital audio seen as a safe and trusted medium for digital targeting? - Does audio innovation generate new, creative opportunities for media strategists? - How is technology changing the way agencies approach planning their media spend? - What opportunities are there for advertisers to use voice and smart speakers? - Will audio be the biggest winner in the metaverse, and how will it be used? - What role do podcasts play for planners and how can podcasts and radio be used together to drive effective campaigns? - In the current macro climate, what opportunities does radio present to advertisers? - How are audio owners working with media agencies to make the most of audio?