“I’ll Tell You Who’s Boss Kate Moss”: How to build brands around talent, by the world-famous designer who did it first
Date & Time
Tuesday, April 25, 2023, 9:30 AM - 9:50 AM
Chloe Davies Henry Holland

Rewind to 2006. After a few tequila's, a 23-year-old Henry Holland is rhyming designers’ names into slogans such as “I’ll Tell You Who’s Boss Kate Moss” which will eventually be printed on t-shirts. What he doesn’t know is that within weeks he’d be “hurtling from opportunity to opportunity, seeing how far we could take this thing”. From flying out to New York, to being stocked in major stores across the globe, to being interviewed in the biggest fashion magazines and showcasing at London Fashion Week, no one could have quite predicted the success of the label. But 13 years later, and following the shutdown of the global economy, the business came to an end. After a swift pandemic pivot to the world of ceramics, Henry is now at the helm of yet another successful creative business alongside his work at ScienceMagic heading up the Talent Ventures team, co-founding consumer brands alongside some of the industries biggest talent names. In this interview, the iconic British designer behind the brand shares his unique story, and everything he learned about creativity, business, and the media along the way.

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