Panel: All this data - but do we know how to use it?
Date & Time
Tuesday, April 25, 2023, 10:30 AM - 11:00 AM
Olya Dyachuk Frances Lazenby Luke O'Connell Neil Robinson Sam Tidmarsh

This panel will take a look at how the best brands are making the most of data. We’ll hear about the available tools and approaches brands can use to connect their data to their media and marketing efforts. We will hear about how marketers can turn data into insight that maximises the effectiveness of media and marketing spend, as well as how brands can use insights to improve brand story and positioning, customer experience, product innovation, pricing and more. - How are the leading practitioners using data to improve the performance of media spend, plus the new lessons we are learning and what is now considered cutting edge use of data? - How are the best brand marketers making the most of data to track and measure brand performance – from landing page to purchase – and brand lift to impact of creative? - What data insight strategies will fill the void left by third-party cookies? - What steps do we need to take to transform behaviour data into actionable insights? - How can we improve our understanding of the route customers take on the path to purchase, and improve consumer experiences when browsing and buying online? - How can we use segmentation and targeting in ways to efficiently target buyers at the right time in their personal customer journey and reduce wastage? - Is audience segmentation as reliable as we think – and how do we plan for this? - How far is too far with personalisation – and when does using customer data in campaigns start to become creepy? - How can we build the trust required to leverage, maintain, and increase consumer data?

Location Name
The Gracechurch
2023 Sessions