Panel: Where does retail media carve out space on the media plan?
Date & Time
Tuesday, April 25, 2023, 12:30 PM - 1:00 PM
Elton Ollerhead Ezekiel Taiwo Ella Sagar Jessica Chapplow Stacy Gratz

Retailers are becoming their own media owners and doing their own ad sales. Media owners and tech companies are building their own ecommerce offerings. With all the first-party data available from our browsing, watching, listening, and shopping, it’s a big opportunity. From category pages and search listings to digital OOH, CTV, and influencers, we will discuss the opportunities are available and where marketers are able to fit it into their plans. - Where does retail media sit in the media mix – and where does the budget come from? - What synergies does retail media have with media channels, including CTV and OOH? - How can we improve effectiveness by using first-party and ‘zero party’ data signals, including purchase history, preferences, and intentions? - What are the ‘omnichannel’ (non-retailer website) retail media elements we can explore, from in-store point of sale media, to email and magazines? - How can we use data signals from a variety of sources, including location-based services in and around retail estate, to make the most of retail media? - How are brands reacting to price inflation and volatility in retail media? - What opportunities do non-endemic brands have to use retail media?

Location Name
The Gracechurch
2023 Sessions