Full Name
Simon Frazier
Job Title
Head of TouchPoints Marketing and Data Innovation
Speaker Bio
Simon is Head of TouchPoints Marketing and Data Innovation at The IPA. His main role is overseeing the marketing of TouchPoints (The IPA’s consumer-centric survey) and guiding the industry to find insights in data through innovation. He is the author of the IPA publication Making Sense: The Commercial Media Landscape (now in its 5th edition), which has achieved over 65,000 downloads worldwide. He oversees the IPA Media Planning & Strategy Summit and IPA Insight Summit and helps guide data best practice within the industry. He has a background in anthropological research and is passionate about deconstructing data in order to better understand the people at the heart of it.

Thank you so much Sam, I really appreciate this opportunity. I always say AdWanted events really are the Rolls Royce of the media industry and that’s all testament to the hard work you all put in, so its an honour to be part of one.
Simon Frazier