The road to Media 3.0: Thriving in the transition  

In the evolving landscape of media, Media 3.0 represents a new era characterised by relevance, interactivity, and privacy as a right, embracing advanced data, analytics, and technologies to enhance media experiences. The convergence of different media formats, the emergence of channels like commerce media and CTV, and the need for effective decision-making by advertisers and agencies are key themes. The event will bring together industry leaders, visionaries, and trailblazers to shed light on the future of the industry, foster partnerships, and provide actionable insights for thriving in this transformative landscape. The future of media lies in our hands, and this event aims to pioneer a new chapter in the industry.

In Media 2.0, we have harnessed the power of connectivity, enabling personalised experiences and engagement. Media consumption, production, and distribution has evolved and fragmented, driven by technological advancements and the growing influence of digital platforms. If Media 2.0 is defined by the emergence of the internet and digital technologies, what defines the next era - Media 3.0?  


We stand at a pivotal juncture after a two-decade era of online advertising fuelled by widespread consumer adoption and the allure of third-party cookies. As with any impending industry change, there comes upheaval, and some businesses won’t make it. But in change comes opportunity, and The Future of Media will reveal how to thrive in the transition to Media 3.0. 


Media 3.0 is the era of relevance, interactivity, and privacy as a right. We will embrace advanced data and analytics, including artificial intelligence, machine learning and quantum computing, to enhance the world of media around us, from buyside campaign planning optimisation to personalised audience participation on media properties. There are already green shoots in the convergence of different media formats in dynamic and immersive ways, such as omnichannel commerce media solutions that mix digital and offline channels to deliver full-funnel business outcomes. And with continued ad signal loss, Media 3.0 can carve out a new relationship with the consumer - incorporating a new era where privacy is a right, with a clear value exchange, enhancing targeting and personalisation. 


At The Future of Media, we will look for answers and solutions on how to thrive in the transition to the Media 3.0 era, including making the most of the emerging channels buoyed by strong advertiser sentiment and investment, such as commerce media, CTV, DOOH, podcasts and short-form video platforms. We’ll find out: What are going to be the disruptive technologies and how are they going to manifest themselves? Are advertisers equipped to make the most effective decisions? Can commercial media owners continue to rely solely on advertising? Are agencies positioned to deliver what clients need? And who will be the winners and losers?  


Brace yourself for an extraordinary gathering, as industry leaders, visionaries, and trailblazers converge. Media leaders will shed light on the future of our industry, unravel its intricacies, and showcase innovative strategies to thrive in a transforming landscape through a meticulously curated programme powered by team behind The Media Leader. Across inspiring keynotes, interactive masterclasses, and thought-provoking panel discussions, we’ll have the chance to re-connect, forge strategic partnerships, and gain actionable insights to stay ahead of the curve.  


The future of media is in our hands; we hold the key to its future. The possibilities to thrive in the transition are boundless, and it is up to us to pioneer a new chapter. 

Session Themes:

Day 1

Thriving in the transition 


Across the day, we’ll envision the future of the media business and explore the needs of media buyers in an ever-changing landscape. We’ll find out whether the future of the media industry is less dependent on advertising, and whether advertisers will be less dependent on media to build their businesses. We’ll find out what buyers need to make the most effective media planning and buying decisions, and whether agencies are positioned to deliver what clients need. We’ll address the challenges and opportunities presented by emerging technologies and shifting consumer behaviours and uncover the impact of macro trends on our businesses. Expect to find out about the innovative strategies, business models, and approaches that drive success, as we look for solutions that help our businesses thrive in the transition to Media 3.0, an era of relevance, interactivity, and privacy as a right. We will hear about topics including personalisation, contextual advertising post-ad signal loss, and strategies to connect multi-platform media. We will learn how media channels are becoming more interactive and immersive, and the technology that will aid this development including augmented and extended reality and artificial intelligence. And we’ll hear about the tools designed for a privacy-first future, including the importance of customer data management for direct consumer relationships, clean rooms, and identity solutions.  

Establishing a single source of truth 


We’ll explore how to connect siloed data sources and disparate measurement components to make sense of an evolving and fragmented commercial media landscape, from enhancing brand performance with campaign planning optimisation, to enhancing media properties and the consumer experience. We’ll take a look at the media measurement tools we have at our disposal, from MMM, to digital attribution, to test and learn, and the latest developments in cross-platform and cross-media measurement solutions. We’ll hear how to build a unified measurement framework for optimising strategies across platforms and find out what brand marketers need from the industry to deliver relevant, effective advertising. We’ll also take a look at the brand metrics we should measure, and how marketers can turn data into insight that improves the effectiveness of spend. We’ll address the technological development areas of the market to thrive in the transition to Media 3.0, the era of relevance, interactivity, and privacy as a right, including advanced data and analytics, AI, ML, and quantum computing. And we’ll explore a future post-ad signal loss, including first-party and zero-party data, to carve out a new relationship with the consumer with a clear value exchange, enhancing targeting and personalisation.  

Masterclasses designed for next-gen media leaders 


A series of 40-minute interactive masterclasses designed specifically for the next-generation of media leaders. Led by industry experts, these sessions provide practical knowledge and insights to excel in today's evolving media landscape. Offering a blend of theoretical frameworks, real-world case studies, and hands-on exercises, participants will have the opportunity to engage in debate, lively discussions, collaborate with peers, and gain a comprehensive toolkit to enhance their leadership capabilities. Aspiring media leaders will leave inspired and empowered to navigate emerging trends, capitalise on opportunities, and make a meaningful impact in a media industry in transition. 

Day 2

Better together: Carving a united path through complexity 


AV plays a central role in media plans, providing cost-effective reach, creating brand recognition, and generating impressive returns on investment. However, it has reached a critical juncture. Changing consumption habits have led to an all new AV landscape, giving rise to various acronyms and investment paths, adding complication and complexity to media planning. But a fragmented approach to a fragmented audience doesn't have to be the only way forward. The Future of AV will carve a path through the complexity, enabling a more unified approach to AV planning. In this session, we will explore the ways in which AV can greatly enhance brand outcomes, and engage in a constructive debate on a mutually beneficial future. We will hear: How can we optimise cross-platform AV planning? How can we understand customer journeys across channels, and get a better view of where audiences are? What are the relative value of the different channels (so you know where to spend the next £)? What consumer trends are shaping viewing in the home and in the cinema, including commerce, AR, VR, and the metaverse? What is the role of YouTube, and (how) are TikTok and other video platforms included on the AV plan? What’s next for CFlight and how are other cross-platform and cross-media measurement initiatives progressing? 

Unleashing the ripple effect


The rise of commerce media has captured the imagination of marketers throughout the world. Retailers are becoming their own media owners and doing their own ad sales. Media owners and tech companies are building their own ecommerce offerings. The first-party data available from our browsing, watching, listening, and shopping, is leading to enhanced targeting, valuable audience insights, and more meaningful consumer experiences. In this session, we’ll hear insights into the rise of retail media networks (RMNs) and shoppable ads, the disruptive impact on the advertising value chain, and the opportunities and imperatives for retailers, advertisers, and publishers. We’ll learn how to leverage first-party data, optimise ad spending, deliver personalised experiences, and leverage commerce media as a full-funnel channel. From category pages and search listings to digital OOH, CTV, and influencers, we also uncover the strategies and partnerships needed to thrive.  

Uniting channels, amplifying impact 


As the media ecosystem expands, the number of potential intersections grows, as do the opportunities to amplify the impact of marketing efforts and evolve the business of media. In this session, we’ll discover the art and craft of uniting media channels to create a potent concoction that amplifies the impact of the advertising message. We will explore integrated planning across diverse media properties, how different channels synergise harmoniously, and how to optimise channel selection, message sequencing, and audience targeting, playing to each channel's unique strengths. We will also find out how media properties are plugging into emerging technologies, including the interplay between offline and online touchpoints, and how the media businesses are becoming multi-channel audience aggregators that provide full-funnel solutions.

Engaging gamers across the digital playground 


With an audience of 2.7bn global gamers playing, it’s no surprise that excitement about gaming, esports and the metaverse has reached fever pitch in media and advertising. Next-gen consoles and smartphone ownership delivered a technological leap forward, enhancing connectivity, and resulting in a perfect storm of culture and technology. The result is a wide and diverse audience playing every day, creating unique opportunities for marketers both around-the-game and in-the-game. In this session, we will explore the audiences and purchasing power available to marketers, how to reach and engage gaming audiences authentically, making the case for gaming in the media mix, delivering business outcomes and measuring success, and future opportunities in the market. 


The Future of Gaming is a co-located event within The Future of Media. If you have purchased a ticket to The Future of Media, you have access to The Future of Gaming. Otherwise you can register for your ticket separately here.


The Future of Media will embrace four core principles. We’ll dig into the most disruptive details of our media ecosystem, tap into the potential of innovation and tech, nurture the courage to stand up for our beliefs, and demand nothing less than excellence. These four values act as our guiding force, ensuring we take control of the future of the commercial media industry.

Stay tuned for the agenda launch on 11th July.

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