Panel: Making operator STB-less, direct-to-TV CPE strategies work
Date & Time
Wednesday, March 13, 2024, 12:10 PM - 12:50 PM
Alejandro Casal Anette Schaefer Chem Assayag Lennart Sohst Peter Fox John Moulding

• What is the future of Pay TV set-top boxes (including streaming pucks); What UX/CX and technology requirements are shaping STB development strategies; What appetite for streaming-only STBs? • What is the role for STB-less ‘direct-to-TV’ CPE, where operators become the default/home application/UX on Smart TVs they either make (private label) or which other television set brands provide? • Sky Glass establishes the model for an operator supplied private-label Smart TV that acts as an STB replacement – how widespread could this approach become, including any ‘Glass’ equivalents? • What role for HbbTV OpApp in enabling virtual STB Smart TV implementations; Any other direct-to-TV technology enablers; What involvement for established Smart TV OS ecosystems? • What are the keys to success if pursuing an STB-less, direct-to-TV strategy, and what are the key pitfalls operators and their OEM partners must avoid? • Can operators achieve long-term success if they pursue an STB-less strategy but rely on ‘operator-as-an-app’ where they are just another icon in an app store rather than the sovereign UX/application?

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etc.venues 155 Bishopsgate
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