Here are the key themes for FTVA Sydney 2023

The Great Reunion

Netflix Basic with Ads is already a fact in Australia, and Disney+ with ads goes international in 2023 after its U.S. debut last December. This should be good news for marketers focused on Opportunity to See, and we gauge the reaction and consider the medium-term impact that SAVOD (Subscription with Advertising VOD) will have. This event considers the fast-changing ad-supported universe, from strategies to grow broadcaster share of digital viewing to the value of AVODs. In an increasingly fragmented landscape, we want to know how marketers can fully understand what each ‘channel’ adds to a campaign, with incremental reach, measurement and holistic cross-platform measurement central to the investigation. You will hear about the people and solutions that make it easier to buy TV in all its forms.

We still need to master Total TV planning across broadcast, BVOD, AVOD, FAST and now SAVOD – so consider the next steps. We take a reality check on streaming-first and streaming-only behaviours and the extent to which planning must accommodate them, and ask what role there is in Australia for ‘Alternative Measurement and Currencies’ – the new breed of vendor-led measurement schemes designed to complement JICs and fill cross-platform measurement gaps. This event looks at how to apply attention measurement to media planning – including how we know the level of attention a campaign needs to achieve its objectives and find the placements that match this. What is the value of passive attention, what happens to the price of high-attention media, and what are the implications for TV? Does attention measurement really change anything (when message transfer, brand lift and business outcomes are ‘higher’ metrics)?

How we ensure a ‘win-win-win’ for media owners, connected TV platforms and media buyers as more people stream more of the time to the living room TV set (and kitchen and bedroom). You will hear the tactics for achieving big streaming audiences with fast reach-build, and delivering incremental reach in this space. We want to know how to take the best of the broadcast world into streaming, like giving buyers full control of ad break positioning and allowing them to target contextually within the programmatic space, or ensuring media owners can completely fill an ad break, but programmatically, in major sports events (despite the challenges of mass concurrency). There is a special focus on targeting: how we optimise for narrow audiences, improve the accuracy of TV targeting in streaming, reach more potential customers rather than less, and maximise the value of first-party and other data.

It is time to take another look at effectiveness, testing the latest marketing theories on how to deliver sales and profit growth across the short- and long-term. How do we use brand and performance together and what siloes need breaking to optimise brand/performance integration? Full-funnel planning, the relative value of different screens, near-term attribution and econometrics are all on the agenda. Then we consider the Agency Superpowers that will add value and boost effectiveness for clients in 2023-24. What more can they do to join the dots in an omnichannel media universe? How do they help brands maintain targeting rigour in a post-cookie world? Are they ready to lead on attention-informed planning?