Panel: How are today’s buyers really thinking about audio?
Date & Time
Wednesday, March 1, 2023, 10:10 AM - 10:40 AM
Wendy Moores Sam Tidmarsh Howard Bareham Steve Dunlop

It’s been a good year for audio. Commercial radio listening has grown to an all-time high and digital audio revenues are up 500% year-on-year. But where could audio be if all advertisers recognised the benefits of audio on the media plan? What do most advertisers really think about brand safety on podcasts, about alternative measurement currencies like attention, and whether personalisation is really worth the added cost and complexity? And, if marketing budgets tighten, how do we ensure audio remains on the media plan? Find out how the buyers are really thinking about audio in this panel – and the steps needed to ensure audio continues to thrive. This panel will discuss: - How do buyers see the role of audio in the media mix? - How can buyers maximise incremental reach on top of broadcast radio? - Is audio synergistic with other media – how does audio help amplify campaign returns? - Do buyers feel that podcasts are brand-safe? - Are brands ready to buy at scale through programmatic and what additional steps would support buyers to be more likely to buy? - Is personalised and contextual creative worth the added cost and complexity, in terms of the difference it makes to a campaign with added effectiveness, and return on investment? - How helpful would implementing alternative measurement currencies like attention be? - Do buyers consider audio to be a responsible medium to advertise, in terms of sustainability, diversity, or broader societal issues?