Panel: Breathing measurement into the lifeblood of brands
Date & Time
Tuesday, April 25, 2023, 3:00 PM - 3:30 PM
Martyn Bentley Gordon Black Laura Kell John Moulding Daniel Wong-chi-man

We invest money in media and marketing to get a return, so measuring that return needs to be at the very heart of our campaign strategy. But measurement is changing, becoming more complex than ever. How can we organise our goals, tools, and people, to breathe measurement into the lifeblood of our brands? - How should we identify performance indicators aligned to top-level brand goals (such as growing share of mind, market share, or brand consideration)? - How can we correlate a brand’s top-level performance indicators with media spend to measure effectiveness? - What are the metrics and currencies that buyers and sellers are focused on today, and are these the best options for improving measurement? - How can we examine changes in consumer behaviour as a result of specific campaigns, both at an aggregate level as well as the impact of each specific piece of content? - What opportunities are there to trade on business outcomes instead of media proxies – how can media owners optimise for ‘the end goal’ and what must advertisers and agencies learn? - What opportunities are there for brands to measure the carbon impact of media campaigns, and can we achieve better results when taking the environment into consideration? - How can we apply attention measurement proxies to media planning – what early use cases are available, and what lessons have been learned? - What happens to the price of high-attention media, and whether we have a client-ready ROI for paying more for inventory, especially if we go into recession

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