FTVA Global - Key Themes from 2023

Key themes for 2024 will be announced in July 2024

Hit them where it works 

Media and audience fragmentation means that buyers must dive into a large ocean when seeking reach, and the digital part of that ocean is expanding. But reach is not enough, or even incremental reach. We need effective reach, and the whole industry is increasingly focused on what this looks like, partly driven by attention measurement, which may reward elite environments, content and viewing experiences (VX). In television, we must ensure that lost linear (broadcast) reach is replaced with equally effective, de-duplicated streaming reach that always comes with a good VX. At all levels of the streaming pyramid there should be minimum expectations for what TV feels like to viewers, and what it delivers for buyers. The Future of TV Advertising Global 2023 is about the hunt for effective reach, and Total TV’s contribution to this. It is about hitting ‘them’ – target audiences – where it really works.