The new connected TV playlist

There are still no signs that the next-generation TV revolution is losing momentum. In fact, there are a whole bunch of new opportunities and challenges to be unravelled across the distribution landscape, all with dramatic implications for where television is watched, how it is monetised and who takes the biggest rewards. Connected TV World Summit 2024 is dedicated to showcasing the new business models, partnership opportunities, service innovations and technology paradigms that can expand the total value of the TV market as we continue the journey towards majority-streaming and eventually all-streaming.

This event explores all the next steps in super-aggregation and content discovery, new service opportunities for Pay TV/broadband providers to increase engagement or generate new revenues, and the future sports UX. Next-generation networks and operations are investigated, from multicast ABR to the future of CDNs and the impact of AI across the distribution value-chain. We look at the value of Pay TV first-party data in addressable TV, and how the industry expands targeting to free-to-air broadcast platforms.


Here are 15 new connected TV market developments the industry needs to master, which provide the backdrop to Connected TV World Summit 2024:

  1. New linear and D2C carriage partnership models, as super-aggregation evolves
  2. Pay TV operators as the default Smart TV application, without an STB
  3. Studio D2C branded hubs in third-party streaming aggregator platforms
  4. Integration of FAST into the Pay TV offer
  5. Ad-supported tiers as the new normal for major international SVODs
  6. Broadcaster FAST for curated Smart TV guides
  7. Third-party FAST inside BVOD services
  8. The emergence of streaming-only broadcaster free-to-air platforms
  9. Streaming as a replacement for lost broadcast audiences for advertisers
  10. The connected car as a new entertainment touchpoint
  11. The proliferation of globally available OS/UX offers to television set OEMs
  12. Greater reliance on deterministic data for audience measurement
  13. Hybrid programme guides that unlock streaming channels from apps
  14. Lower-priced Smart TV sets getting a generational OS/UX upgrade
  15. Closer integration of YouTube into the Pay TV user experience.