Breakfast Briefing

The Big Canadian Measurement Opportunity

A ‘what next’ breakfast to help define the data, metrics & measurement roadmap for Canadian TV, and its role in an omnichannel planning universe.


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There is no shortage of media measurement innovation in Canada, from single-source combined TV/radio measurement to cross-platform video capabilities, to hybrid measurement supported by a world-first STB data sharing agreement. But in a market of 40 million people, there is no margin (or budget) for error when our industry decides where to spend its next measurement innovation dollar. We need to think hard, but we are entitled to think big as we map out the data, metrics, measurement and planning opportunities ahead.

Historically, audience measurement would focus on measuring the unmeasured with the goal of providing more data to understand and compare media behaviours. Essentially, develop and build advanced audience measurement solutions and speak to the “how”.  But today, the industry needs more than just better data to support growth. In addition to finding the audience and understanding changing behaviours, measurement must better support both the buy and sell side common needs and expectations in achieving growth & optimization. We have now a clear opportunity to create what is, in effect, a realistic and achievable roadmap for the Canadian media industry. We invite all stakeholders to contribute to a discussion on what that roadmap should looks like, on the morning of The Future of TV Advertising Canada (The Carlu, Toronto, September 12th). This breakfast is not about a dreamy, far-off vision – it is about benefit vs cost, what is do-able, and incremental wins what we can implement near-term. It is focussed on progress vs perfection.

What are the ‘no-brainers’ everyone agrees upon, where implementation is our only challenge, and how do we get these innovations over the line? Where we lack consensus, what should we throw overboard (to save energy) and what do we keep alive in the belief that common ground can be found? What are the non-controversial initiatives that are within reach, but which need to be de-prioritised because they lack value or cost too much?

Breakfast attendees will help shape the agenda for The Big Canadian Measurement Opportunity, but here are some items that could kick-start the discussion.

  • Enriching the data available for measurement, as we move from a ‘one-size-fits-all’ world
  • Reduce ambiguity: ways to make data more available and actionable
  • Quality matters but it must start with the ability to compare and understand the data
  • Use of census data (to stabilise panels, show ad exposure, measure the unmeasured, etc.)
  • Implications for English Canada as Cross-Platform Video Measurement goes National
  • Full integration of Hybrid VODs, like Netflix, into the reporting and planning ecosystem
  • Expanding the use of panels into virtual or synthetic panels as a cross-media common denominator
  • The value of ‘alternative measurement and currency’ solutions like those seen in the U.S.
  • From content measurement to ad measurement
  • Aligning the metrics and currency between linear and digital
Alan Dark
Alan Dark
SVP of Revenue
Jon Watts
Jon Watts
Managing Director and Executive Director
Kevin Johnson
Kevin Johnson
Chief Executive Officer
Neil McEneany
Neil McEneany
President & CEO
Judy Davey
Judy Davey
Vice President Media Policy and Marketing Capabilities

This is an invitation-only event, and to encourage a frank discussion The Big Canadian Measurement Opportunity will be conducted under The Chatham House Rule. We encourage you to share your opinions and help us all decide on the ‘what next’.


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