2022 Breakfast Briefing

The ‘Getting Multiplatform Done’ Breakfast

Identifying positive, practical and actionable change to perfect multiplatform TV advertising in Canada.

Television is a multiplatform media, and it is imperative that a distribution system characterised by multiple (multiscreen) endpoints and audience ‘pools’, spread across broadcast and streaming, is rationalised at its core so that TV is easy to plan, buy, measure, justify and manage. This pre-conference breakfast is about acknowledging the achievements to date, identifying work that must be done, and understanding the degree to which buyers and sellers are aligned on their three-year vision for where multiplatform advanced TV advertising needs to be.

The purpose of this Breakfast Briefing is to discuss how the Canadian TV industry enacts the positive change needed to make TV a simple medium again (nuanced in what it can help advertisers to achieve, but easy to use in every way). There is a focus on who must do what, where collaboration is realistic, and how we can move forwards together. The emphasis is on practical, and actionable. This briefing is about ‘Getting Multiplatform Done’.

You can expect discussions around: Achieving a holistic view of audiences including unified reach and frequency; Improving Total TV (linear + digital) forecasting, planning and optimisation; Justifying budget allocations across linear broadcast and streaming, and where the next $ goes; Removing any unnecessary siloes (data, attribution, planning…); Improving targeting on connected TV; Media owner and buyside/sell-side collaborations that are needed (and barriers to action).