The Complete Picture

How the Canadian TV market completes the multiplatform TV jigsaw, unifying audiences, planning and measurement – and maximising the value of non-linear homes to advertisers and media owners.

Direct-to-consumer studio streaming services are going to increase competition for eyeballs and ad dollars, but buyers tell us they want to support Canadian media, so one of the first topics on our agenda this year is the trajectory for share-of-time and share of ad dollars – and how this is going to shape the future of ad-funded television.

Most of all, this event is about mastering holistic multiplatform audience delivery, including best practice when planning, optimising and measuring Total TV campaigns. There is a special focus on connected TV, including how the industry ensures rapid reach-build in this digital environment, opportunities to rethink the advertising user experience, and whether (and how) CTV could deliver large-scale, nationwide addressable enablement in Canada, including the value-adds from content owners, connected TV platforms, BDUs and audience aggregators.

Expect the latest thinking, current best practice and next steps in audience measurement, with a special focus on knowledge gaps in the multiplatform universe and how we fill them. Media proxy vs outcomes measurement will be explored, including partnerships needed to demonstrate direct business results.

Media inflation is a fact, so this year we are asking agencies how they work it into their near-term plans, and how brands might allocate total marketing spend in the medium-term. And with Netflix now “quite open to offering even lower prices with advertising as a consumer choice”, we must consider what an ad-supported Netflix tier would mean for Canadian television and advertisers.

Join us in person in the heart of downtown Toronto as Mediatel Events continues to bring the TV advertising industry together, in person, for what will be the most important TV advertising thought-leadership event in the Canadian market. You can expect another A-list line-up of pioneers from across the sell-side and buy-side who will share their latest thinking and best practice.

The focus at The Future of TV Advertising Canada is on strategic thinking, puzzle solving and real-world implementation. You can expect the biggest names in Canadian TV advertising – spanning agencies, advertisers, media owners and leading adtech suppliers. They will share their innovations and best practice as we look to expand the total TV advertising marketplace and help brands grow.