This year we will focus on:


Media: Excellence in planning and new opportunities

Budgets: Where brands and consumers spend

Trust: Building trusted brands

Purchase: Unifying the consumer experience

Insight: Data that improves brand outcomes

Measurement: Enhancing the tools and metrics we use

Brand: Storytelling, brand safety and responsibility

Sustainability: Being serious about leadership on climate

Talent: The skills our businesses will need in the future

Creative: Messaging that cuts through

Session Themes:

The exclusive debate for leading brand marketers making sense of today’s prescient topics.

Forward-thinking disruptors and out-the-box thinkers reshaping brands for tomorrow.

Where marketers and mathematicians unite to better understand ad performance.

Because whether you have a lot, or none at all, it only really matters when you know how to use it.

Big-picture thinking at the intersection of economics, marketing, and finance.

Strategy designed for the future of brands, plus the tech that will get you there.

Where brands with remarkable ideas collide with excellent media planning.

One second after the big bang.