How can brands and agencies use AI and automation to navigate the complexity of advertising?

In the fast-evolving world of advertising, the promise of growth in 2024 brings with it a stark realisation: despite leaps in digital innovation, the backbone of advertising operations remains entrenched in the past. Over-reliance on manual efforts, spreadsheets, and a never-ending flow of emails has left brands and their agency partners mired in inefficiency, even as the industry has surged forward technologically. The proliferation of media has been a double-edged sword, offering unparalleled opportunities while simultaneously fragmenting the landscape to the point of operational overload.


This masterclass not only examines the critical issue of whether the current labor-intensive approach to advertising management is deterring potential talent from entering the field but also introduces practical examples showcasing how artificial intelligence (AI) and automations can revolutionise advertising workflows for marketing teams. By featuring real use cases, we aim to demonstrate the transformative potential of AI and automation in streamlining the advertising buy-sell cycle, making it a more efficient and manageable process. Join us to explore how these innovations can enhance the operational efficiency of your marketing team, bringing your advertising strategies into the future.