The Future of Brands is designed to cover the intersection between brands, media, and advertising.    

You will probably work with, for, or on-behalf of a brand in some way. That could be at the brand itself, or it might be at an agency (whether that’s media, creative, research, digital, performance, social, or something else). Maybe you are working at a media business, or a tech business, working to deliver better returns for your clients. Perhaps you’re on the front line, driving the marketing and media spend, or maybe you’re tinkering away behind the scenes at one of these companies. 


Here are some examples for whom this event is very relevant (and it isn’t a comprehensive guide): 


- You’re responsible for setting brand business strategy. 

- You’re working in a marketing or media management role. 

- You’re planning or buying media at, or on behalf of, a brand. 

- You’re creating advertising or leading on creative strategy. 

- You’re working in audience research, providing insight that guides campaigns. 

- Your company owns media inventory that brands and agencies can buy. 

- You’re building technology that solve brands’ most pressing challenges. 

- You’re interested in understanding how brands are making media and advertising spending decisions, or simply an interested marketer, keen to get ahead of the curve